Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player

Francisca Mardones is a Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player competing on the International Wheelchair Tennis Circuit.

About Francisca

Francisca Mardones always dreamed of becoming an Olympian. Her wish would be granted. But not in the vein of her childhood imagination.

In 1999, Francisca was working for a group of luxury villas in the Caribbean. That year went down in the history books as a record-setting one in the Atlantic hurricane season, with five storms reaching Category 4 strength, Hurricane Lenny was one of them.

With Hurricane Lenny imminent, Francisca was tasked with warning tourists of the impending threat, but the rain and 155-mile-per-hour winds had started and as Francisca went to leave one villa to go to the next, she slipped and fell about 14 feet into a ravine.

Unable to move her legs, Francisca dragged herself nearly 330 feet to a bunker where she remained alone for two days, cold and in excruciating pain.

It was in her road to recovery that Francisca discovered Wheelchair Tennis and is now very proud to be playing across the International Tennis Circuit and representing Chile

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In addition to her great triumphs and numerous awards for performances on the court, Francisca is also an accomplished motivational speaker off the court.

With a compelling story of success in the face of adversity, Francisca will leave you captivated and truly inspired.

Lecturing on topics such as Teamwork, Motivation, Self-Care, Prevention of Risks and Resilience, Francisca is the creator and manager of the ‘Workshop for Disabled Tennis’ which is based on improving the quality of both personal life and family.

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